Selecting the correct trading or serviceable area for a retail or business location can be problematic. So many factors influence the success of a shop or business location.

One of the most important is the ‘potential’ surrounding its location.

Catchment Mapper helps to optimise trading areas.

It utilises a combination of travel time, distance, demographic and business data to enable bricks or clicks businesses to locate and measure geographic opportunity.

It’s application helps clients answer:

  • What is the population and profile of shoppers around a Business location?
  • What is the optimal delivery area for a restaurant?
  • What proportion of my local area can be reached in 5, 10 or 15 minutes by car?
  • What geographic areas are suffering from poor service levels?
  • Where do the highest concentrations of my target audience around a location.
  • What franchise area will be able to support a new business?