Location or geographic analysis affects most if not all businesses. Many online market places rely on a network of collection points, retail outlets or service businesses e.g. JUSTEAT and Takeaway restaurants, Ebay and Hermes collection points.

However many start-up businesses and SME’s are lacking 2 things when it comes to location analysis, the toolkit and the analytical expertise to pose the right questions and direct the correct analysis.

Oppy provides a suite of modular analytical tools aimed directly at the non-analyst decision maker.

Intuitive design and a simple wizard based approach enables user to rapidly undertaken quite complex buy highly valuable analysis to support their growth planning.

It’s application helps clients answer:

  • Where do most of my customer come from?
  • Where can we find more prospects with a similar profile to our best customers.
  • Where should I launch our offering next?
  • Where can I find my chosen audience in Facebook or Adwords.
  • What are the best locations for my sales people to based in?
  • Is my businesses performing well compared to the available opportunity locally